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Copy of Bowling for Alef.png
Copy of zach sukkah.png
For Grades 7-8.png
Tish November 16-5.png
Midwest_Shabbaton-02 (4).jpg
Tish November 16-3.png
MNM - Mishmar-6.png
This Tuesday, Jan. 15 10_30-11_30am Betw
Alef Mini Shabbat Nov 16, 2018-8.png
Israeli Top Chef.png
4-5_15pmIn West Rogers Park _YeshurunIn
Shvatim_Shabbaton-03 (2).jpg
Tish November 16-9.png
Chol Hamoed Minyan8_45pm _KINSDunkin Don
Israeli Top Chef-4.png
schach volunteers.png
Za_ch Seudah Shlishit-2.png
Text placeholder.png
Copy of farmto table-2.png
Tish November 16-2.png
MNM - Mishmar.png
For Chevraya Alef (grades 3-6)2nd day of
Schach volunteers.png
Manhigut Shabbaton-3.png
Tam Mishmar
Copy of Bet Shak Sukkah.png
sukkah hop 2019.png
Copy of Israeli Top Chef-2.png
For Chevraya Alef (Grades 3-6) Sunday, M
Bowling for Alef-2.png
Copy of Za_ch Ice Skating Maggie Daley-2
Za_ch Oneg.png
Hadracha Shabbaton-3.png
Chol Hamoed Minyan8_45pm _KINSDunkin Don
Copy of Chicago - Lech L'Snif-4.png
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